As teachers we know that what we do in the classroom really matters. This wiki is meant to be a space for BMS teachers to share practices and ideas that make teaching more sustainable, enjoyable, and rewarding for themselves and their students.
• Do you have words of wisdom for younger teachers?
• How do you manage stress?
• What project would you really like to do if you had another teacher to collaborate with?
• How can we support one another?
• Do you know of books, online articles, or videos that you would like to start a conversation about?

It's difficult to find time to meet with colleagues. Please think about joining this wiki and using it to connect with colleagues online when it's not possible to meet in person. Share some links to cool stuff; start a conversation. This wiki is public, but you need to be a member to post.

Not sure how to add content to the wiki? Stop in to see me in the library. If you like the idea of the wiki but don't have time to add to it, send me links to whatever you would like to share, and I'll post for you.

Diane St. Jean, librarian
Barrington Middle School